National Capital Region, Anti – Smoke Belching Operation
By virtue of Deputation Orders issued by the Land Transportation Office, and in coordination with the Local Government Units, personnel of Environmental Management Bureau – National Capital Region conducted roadside apprehension of smoke belching vehicles in strategic areas in Metro Manila. With only one apprehension team fielded by the regional office, they were still able to flag down 5,393 in 2013 and 4,228 in 2014 vehicles suspected emitting smoke beyond the opacity standard. Only 9.4% in 2013 and 36% in 2014 of the tested vehicles however did not meet the standard. Hence citation tickets and the vehicles’ respective license plates were confiscated. Said vehicles therefore need to meet the prescribed standard before their plates are released by the LTO and are ably to ply the streets.

ANNUAL 2013-20142Summary of ASBU Apprehensions in National Capital Region CY2013-2014 MONTHLY EMB-CO APPREHENSION 2013 201412013-2014 EMB-CO ASBU APPREHENSION RESULTS

The Environmental Management Bureau Central Office, as the lead agency in implementing RA 8749, hired 19 Anti-Smoke Belching (ASB) Aides in 2013 and hired additional 3 ASB Aides in 2014 completing two teams to conduct anti-smoke belching operations or roadside apprehension of smoke belching vehicles along main thoroughfares in Metro Manila. Of the 22 personnel, six (6) are deputized by the Land Transportation Office (LTO). Two (2) teams were created, Each teams were able to conduct ASB operations along main thoroughfares of Metro Manila (i.e EDSA, Mindanao Ave., North Ave., Commonwealth Ave., Batasan Hills, Quirino Highway, Marcos Highway, Pasig, E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, F. B Harrison, Pasay City, Macapagal Blvd., Aurora Blvd., Pureza, Sta. Mesa, Manila, San Juan, A. Bonifacio ave., Visayas Ave., / East Ave. Quezon City, etc.).

The Environmental Management Bureau – Central Office Air Quality Management Section (EMB-CO AQMS) conducts FREE GARAGE EMISSION TESTING for Public Utility Vehicles (PUV), Utility Vehicles (UV), Private Utility Vehicles (PUV) / ASIAN Utility Vehicles (AUV), Trucks, Public Utility Jeepneys (PUJ) and Public Utility Buses (PUB).For more information feel free to reach us with the contact information provided below.