The Air Quality Management Section (AQMS) is under the Environmental Quality Management Division (EQMD) of the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) – Central Office. Its main task is to implement and enforce the Philippine Clean Air Act of 1999 or RA 8749. Specifically, the functions of the AQMS are as follows;

  • Prepare the National Air Quality Status Report in coordination with the Environmental Education and Information Division (EEID) which shall be used as a basis in formulating the Integrated Air Quality Improvement Framework; issue rules and regulations in the implementation of the Act.
  • Review the formulation of guidelines on air quality standards and values of emission charges from industrial sources and motor vehicles.
  • Determination of airsheds nationwide and their boundaries, non-attainment and attainment area, formulation of appropriate airsheds management program.
  • Accredit 3rd Party Source Emission Stack Tester in Compliance with DAO 2013-26.
  • Certify Vehicle Emission Monitoring Equipment’s in Compliance with RA8749.
  • Monitoring of emission sources, compliance to standard and formulation of performance standard for stationary emission sources.
  • Implementation of nationwide air quality information and dissemination campaign in the coordination with the Department of Education Culture and Sports (DECS), Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), and the Public Information Agency (PIA).
  • Undergo survey and assessment of incinerators and non-burn technologies.
  • Enforce emission standards for motor vehicles and implementation of the pre-registration requirement such as the issuance of Certificate of Conformity (COC) to assure the compliance with the emission standards, provide technical assistance to Local Government Units (LGUs) in the implementation of the pertinent provision on the Clean Air Act.
  • Oversee compliance to air pollution control measure among others through the use of improved fuel quality and increasing fines and penalties therefrom.
  • Evaluation and Assessment of EMB’s Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Stations.
  • Administration of the Air Quality Management Fund (AQMF) to support Air Quality Management Programs.


    • Continue through the Implementation of Linis Hangin Program  such as Bantay Tambusto, Bantay Tsimnea and Bantay Sunog.
    • Strengthen Monitoring Activities in coordination with DOTC.
    • Continue the implementation of the industrial enforcement program for Stationary Sources and Area Sources.
    • Monitor and Ensure Compliance of 799 Industries in the CAMANAVA Area.
    • Intensive Public Information Campaign
  • Manage Air Pollution Sources with the designation of attainment and non-attainment area sources in ones that were previously established.
  • Strengthen Collaboration with LGUs and other concerned agencies regarding plans to address pollution from identification and prioritization of area sources.

Download: The Philippine Clean Air Act of 1999 (RA8749)