As part of the support to ‘social distancing’ measures and response to counter measure the spread of COVID-19, EMB seeks for immediate implementation of the online transactions for EMB Regional Offices specifically for applications for Permit to Operate Air Pollution Source Installation/Equipment. For the implementation of the EMB MC 2020-17 also known as “Guidelines for Issuance of Pemrit to Operate (PTO) for Air Pollution Source Installation or Equipment (APSI/APSE) through the Online Permitting and Monitoring System (OPMS)” and in preparation for the OPMS-PTO to be fully operational to the public, DENR Environmental Management Bureau- Air Quality Management Section (EMB-AQMS) has successfully held a two (2) day Video Conference Meeting for the Presentation of New Features and Final Arrangements for the pre-launch of Permit To Operate (PTO) through the Online Permitting And Monitoring System (OPMS) for EMB Regional Offices via Microsoft Teams on May 11 – 12, 2020.

The meeting was moderated by the EMB-AQMS Chief, Engr. Jundy T. Del Socorro, and led by Mr. Michael Argarin, OPMS-PTO’s head programmer from Environmental Management Bureau- Statistics and Information Systems Management Section (EMB-SISMS). The online conference was attended by all EMB Regional Offices with a total of 21 participants from Luzon EMB ROs and combined 27 representatives from Visayas and Mindanao EMB ROs.

To further streamline the permitting procedures and requirements of the RA 8749 or the Clean Air Act of 1999, the final revisions for the program, several new features of OPMS-PTO was presented by Mr. Argarin as agreed upon by prior discussions with EMB ROs and by the EMB Director. Some of the distinguishing functionalities differentiating OPMS for PTO from other OPMS Modules currently existing such as Waste Water Discharge Permit (OPMS-WWDP) include the following:

1) “Auto-Forward” function of OPMS-PTO applications across EMB RO proponents if no actions were done by each specific EMB individual within a given amount of days as instructed by the EMB Director in compliance to the RA 11032, known as the “Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018”.

2) Removal of the Mandatory uploading of Applicant’s Notarized application was also discussed. Total of two (2) tick box/check box was agreed upon indicating that the proponent agrees to the Terms and Conditions of the online application platform and that the Applicant hereby swore that all of their provided information in the online application together with their attachments are true and correct as advised by EMB Legal Division.

3) SISMS also clarified the new modes of Payment that only online banking utilizing ATM Savings and Bancnet members are the only ones that can use the Landbank Link.Biz Portal. They are still working on expanding the online payment mode by partnering with Bayad Center and possible online transactions thru Credit cards and cheques.

The online video conference was concluded with EMB SISMS informing EMB ROs that they will be given access to individual simulation accounts. These “dummy accounts” shall help EMB ROs to create mock sessions within their Offices from the start of the PTO application on the Applicant’s side up to their EMB Regional Directors’ view so they can be familiarized with all the new functions and Graphic User Interface of the new OPMS-PTO Module where all of their additional/final findings and recommendations shall be documented and sent to EMB SISMS before it becomes fully accessible to the public.