The Environmental Management Bureau, through Air Quality Management Section (EMB-AQMS) took a significant move towards modernizing its operations as it hosted a consultation event on June 30, 2023, at the EMB-ERLSD Conference Room. The event aimed to introduce and discuss the system under development – the Online Stack Sampling and Monitoring System and the Online Stack Sampling Accreditation System.

Welcoming esteemed attendees from third-party stack testing firms and dedicated DENR-EMB employees, Chief of the Air Quality Management Section, Engr. Jundy T. Del Socorro, set the tone for an engaging and productive session.

Mr. Amiel Chrysdin L. Afurong, a Project Operations Manager, led the presentation and consultation, outlining the objectives of the innovative systems. The primary goal is to revolutionize data collection by migrating the current stack testing, monitoring, and accreditation methods to an online platform.

The Online Stack Sampling Monitoring System (OSSMS) aims to empower third-party stack testers by streamlining the test plan submission process and facilitate seamless submission of all data sheets and reports related to stack sampling. This transition is expected to enhance efficiency and accountability in the air quality management processes.

Furthermore, the Online Stack Sampling Accreditation System aims to serve as a comprehensive platform for third-party firms, providing an integrated process for submitting and processing applications. From initial document screening to written examinations and essential inspections, this system promises a holistic approach to applying for a Stack Tester Accreditation (SAT) certificate, be it a new application or a renewal.

During the consultation, the systems underwent simultaneous testing with the active participation of third-party testers and EMB technical personnel. Their comments and feedback during the bench test phase will be carefully integrated into the systems, ensuring optimum performance and usability before the projected release in 2024.