The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), through the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB), facilitated the online consultation on 05 June 2020 on the development of National Air Quality Status Report. The consultation served as a venue for the government agencies to incorporate their accomplishments and challenges in the implementation of the Philippine Clean Air Act in the draft National Air Quality Status Report 2016-2018.

Engr. Vizminda A. Osorio, Assistant Director of DENR – EMB, informed the participants that the whole world unites to observe World Environment Day and helps raise awareness on protecting the environment to ensure a better future for generations to come. She also stated that one of the policies of the State is to promote public information and education to encourage the participation of an informed and active public in air quality planning and monitoring.

Dr. Mylene Cayetano, consultant from the UP Diliman – Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology, presented the contents of the draft National Air Quality Status Report, including a chapter on the status of air quality management in the country, impacts of air pollution, agency actions and initiatives on air quality, summary and way forward.

The participants gave their comments and recommendations on the draft report. Some EMB Regional Offices and agencies shared their best practices for the attainment of clean air.

Engr. Jundy T. Del Socorro, Chief of the Air Quality Management Section, DENR-EMB said that the report will be available soon. The public is advised to visit for updates.