The Environmental Management Bureau will be adopting a Manual for Siting and Design of Air Quality Monitoring Stations in the Philippines, as mandated by EMB Memorandum Circular No 2021-06, issued on May 03, 2021.

The Manual aims to guide the EMB’s regional offices in selecting the appropriate site(s) for their respective Air Quality Monitoring Stations (AQMS), including technical specifications. This is also in compliance with Section 1, Part V, Rule XIV of DENR Administrative Order No. 2000-81 (Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA 8749 (Philippine Clean Air Act of 1999)), which mandates the designation and establishment of an ambient Air Quality Network nationwide. For reference please click on the link

“Air quality is both a local and national concern. That’s why a country-wide approach should be adopted for air quality monitoring. Through this Manual, we hope to establish better set of guidelines for the sitting and design of our Air Quality Monitoring Stations nationwide”, EMB Director Engr. William P. Cuñado said.

Siting Criteria is a guideline in locating and installing Air Quality Monitoring Station and Equipment for specific objectives. Siting of the station shall be in accordance with the monitoring objectives of the air quality monitoring stations as well as the general siting guidelines provided for in the memorandum circular.

Other components of the Manual are the following: Meteorological mast; Positioning of Collocated Air Samplers; Air Quality Monitoring Station Design; and Determining Area Representativeness of Air Quality Monitoring Stations.

To address the latest issues, challenges, and technological advancements in Air Quality Monitoring, the EMB shall review the manual every two (2) years, or as necessary, from the date of issuance.