The Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) adopts the Procedural Manual on Data Handling Protocols for Criteria Air Pollutants, as mandated by EMB Memorandum Circular No 2021-07, issued on May 03, 2021.

According to EMB Director Engr. William P. Cuñado, the manual will provide the necessary guidance in evaluating the concentration of criteria air pollutants measured from the air quality monitoring stations of EMB.

“For the past decades, there were no specific guidelines being implemented in the Regional Offices of EMB in terms of proper data handling and evaluation of air quality monitoring data measured from its air quality monitoring stations. Through this Manual, our Regional Offices will be guided to have a uniform evaluation and assessment of air quality data nationwide,”
EMB Director Engr. William P. Cuñado said.

The manual also clarifies the requirements for data handling and its completeness, sampling frequencies, data capture requirement, Conversion of Concentration Values to Air Quality Index (AQI) values, spatial averaging of criteria air pollutants, among others. For reference please click on the link Said Manual will be reviewed every two (2) years, or as necessary, from the date of issuance.