Issuance of COC for New Motor Vehicle A COC shall be issued by the Department through the Bureau to a motor vehicle manufacturer, assembler, or importer certifying that a motor vehicle type complies with the numerical emission standards in this Rule, using the relevant ECE test procedures or their equivalent as approved by the Department. No new motor vehicle shall be allowed initial registration unless a valid COC issued by the Department through the Bureau is granted. New motor vehicles shall refer to the following:
      • Motor vehicles designed an manufactured in the Philippines using brand new engines and spare parts;
      • Motor vehicles assembled in the Philippines using original and brand new parts and components imported into the country completely knocked down (CKD);and
    • New motor vehicles completely bult up (CBU) imported into the country
Application for COC The Application for a COC shall be submitted by the motor vehicles manufacturer, assembler, importer or their duly authorized representatives, thru the Online Permitting and Monitoring System (OPMS) of the Bureau. Cilck here to Apply