As part of strengthening the campaign against smoke belching vehicles, the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) together with Traffic Management and Enforcement Team of University of the Philippines Diliman Police (TMET-UPDP) conducted an Annual Smoke Emission Testing on all Jeepneys with routes within the UP Diliman Campus.

The team was led by Engr. Phillip O. Aquino, together with Engr. Jackielyn Barona, Engr. Reyson Abad, Engr. Angelo F. Villegas and Arnon Brix P. Faustino from the EMB Air Quality Management Section (AQMS); and supported by TMET-UPDP headed by Sgt. Jaime H. Marquina and Sgt. Wilfredo G. Desierto Jr.

The operation were conducted on March 22 and 29, 2019 and were observed by Engr. Aileen Mappala, Ms. Maribelle Lobendino, Mrs. Teresita R. Ronquillo, and Ms. Bernadette M. Angeles to ensure fairness and legality of the operation.

Of the 225 Jeepneys tested, with routes UP Pantranco, UP Katipunan, UP Ikot, UP Philcoa, UP North Edsa, and UP Toki; only 155 (68.9%) have passed, while the remaining 70 (31.1%) Jeepneys failed the emission test, those jeepneys that failed the emission test will not receive passes which would allow them to strand in the UP Campus.